Friday, 28 August 2015

Google Chrome Will Pause Flash Ads

From September 1, Google Chrome will automatically pause most Flash ads, so has Google via Google Plus disclosed. In June, Internet giant had already announced that it wanted to pause certain plug-ins, including Adobe Flash Player, in order to reduce power consumption and load times.

Google has long been trying to make Flash redundant. As YouTube videos are automatically played through HTML5. In the case of Flash ads that are distributed via AdWords, which are since February this year automatically converted to HTML5.Google argues that advertisers with Flash ads are working have several options to ensure that their ads are still shown to Chrome users, such as automatically to HTML5 to put out or to do it yourself.

Last month, also called Alex Stamos, the new Chief Security Officer (CSO) of Facebook, which with Adobe Flash technology to stop so completely on HTML5 can be switched. HTML5 is natively supported by modern browsers and allows playback of videos and other "rich content" without installing additional plug-ins.

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