Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Fuss About Speculative Connections Firefox

On the Internet fuss arose over a feature in Firefox for ensuring that websites load faster, but can also help to track users. Several years ago, Mozilla has developed an API (application programming interface) to "speculative connections" allows to load websites faster than expected is that the user will also open a link.

Only moving the mouse over a link ensures that a request is sent to the web server of the website. Recently, a user sketched out a scenario whereby can consider whether certain email addresses are in use. Suffice it to any e-mail address to send an e-mail with a link to a unique IPv6 address. Once the user receives the message and moves his mouse over the link or the mouse in the area with link state, Firefox will send the request and may be checked to see if the email address is still in use.

Users can take steps to disable the feature, so Mozilla late this article know. For this, users in the address bar about: config entries. Then there must be sought on network.http.speculative-parallel-limit and must be the value to 0.

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