Thursday, 6 August 2015

Illegal Software Hinders Cleaning Infected computers

Almost one million computers are still infected with the Confickerworm from 2008 mainly because of users of pirated software and ICT development in countries. Which enable researchers from the TU Delft , which their study next week at a conference presentation in Washington DC.

According to the researchers, the figures show that the removal of botnets slower than replacing Windows XP computers.Conficker was one of the largest botnets ever. The worm spread via a vulnerability in the Windows Server service which was patched in 2008 through an emergency patch from Microsoft. In addition, used the shared network folders and the Autorun feature. Six years ago, security companies and researchers knew the botnet to "sink holes", which infected computers do not connect to the servers of the cyber criminals behind the botnet.

Despite various measures to clean up infected computers, there are nearly one million computers infected with Conficker. It is in many cases illegal versions of Windows XP and Vista. According to the researchers enable users of pirated software, automatic updates, fearing updates which disables their illegal software, Microsoft has already said that it also provides illegal Windows versions of security updates.

To address the problems with clearing of botnets and cleaning up infected computers the researchers argue that in addition to helping countries with their ICT development, automatic updates and automatic cleanups are the main tools for the issue.Software developers should configure their software so that the installation of security updates is enabled by default and that all computers receive the updates, even if they are using a pirated version of the software.

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