Sunday, 16 August 2015

The Seven Deadly Sins Of System

System administrators play an important role in the prevention of attacks on their organization. However, there are arranged attacks in the news in which there is, for example, vulnerabilities have been used to infiltrate the corporate network for which for many years were available updates.

However, the security updates were not installed so employees by opening a document or visit a Web site became infected.This relates to old vulnerabilities in, for example Microsoft Office and Java regularly targeted. Among other targeted espionage attacks. Something recently the FBI warned . There are also other things that should have a system in place, or else run the risk organization. Reason for security GFI Software to a list of seven deadly sins to create system in which not installing security updates is called first.

The other mortal sins are using default configurations and passwords, working with admin rights, not documenting changes, IP addresses and license keys, no viewing log files, password sharing and finally the question of passwords. Often alerting system administrators and end users to phishing attacks say that they should never share their passwords, then himself to the user asking his password if there is a problem. End users should also never be asked for their password, according to the explanation of the last mortal sin.

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