Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Microsoft Emergency Patch For Active Attacked IE Flaw

Microsoft has released an emergency patch released for a critical vulnerability in Internet Explorer that is actively used to infect computers with malware. Visiting a hacked or malicious Web site or see the getting infected ads is sufficient to execute the attacker to run arbitrary code on the computer.

It should be noted that the attacker could execute code with the rights of the logged in user. The impact may therefore be less if users who have an account with reduced logging rights, Microsoft said. The vulnerability was already attacked before the patch was available from Microsoft. What kind of attack it is and who the target was not reported.

The vulnerability, which was reported to Microsoft by a Google researcher, is present in IE7 on Windows Vista to IE11 on Windows 10. Because of the impact users get the advice Security Bulletin MS015-093 install immediately. On most computers, however, will automatically happen.

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