Sunday, 23 August 2015

Subscribers Ashley Madison Extorted via E-mail

Several subscribers cheaters website Ashley Madison became the target of extortionists who threaten to inform their partner unless they pay an amount in bitcoin. Both American and New Zealand subscribers have received the email.

The email warns that the cost of a divorce lawyer if the partner comes behind the cheating, or anything revealing to have the data for consequences if someone is already in a separation procedure. It also warned of the reaction of family and friends as they discover that the person in question was active on Ashley Madison, so reporting CoinDesk and Stuff.

The extortionist then demands two bitcoins, what with the current exchange rate is 410 euros. How many subscribers have received the e-mail or run from the threat is unknown. Attackers managed last month to hack the website Ashley Madison this week and made ​​a part of the data publicly available. The media has already speculated that subscribers would be extorted possible.

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