Thursday, 13 August 2015

Tor Browser Enhances Privacy And YouTube Support

For Internet users who want to protect their anonymity and privacy on the web is a completely new version of Tor Browser appeared. It is the first version of Tor Browser 5.0 . Besides several vulnerabilities that are fixed This version contains several measures to protect user privacy.

For example, there are added protective measures to prevent identification on the basis of key strokes. The NoScript whitelist is reset. NoScript is a Firefox extension that prevents the execution of scripts on websites. NoScript uses a whitelist of domains where scripting is allowed. The reason for the reset is that NoScript previous updates certain areas were added to the whitelist. To avoid repetition NoScript will not be able to update the whitelist. Further supporting the playback of HTML5 video on YouTube improved.

Zero day

Tor Browser is based on Firefox. Recently, a zero-day flaw was used in the PDF reader Firefox to attack users. According to the Tor Project, the developer of Tor Browser, the problem was not present in version 4.5 of Tor Browser. Users of the trial version of Tor Browser 5.0 were vulnerable. However, the attack could not be carried out if the security slider Tor Browser stood tall. The browser has recently acquired a slider that allows users to specify the security level. Updating to the new versions of Tor Browser via the browser or . Globally, 2.5 million people use the Tor network.

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