Friday, 14 August 2015

Manufacturer Danger Because Media Reports On Router Vulnerabilities

The South Korean manufacturer Zioncom network has media threatened with legal action if they write about vulnerabilities in the Toto Link routers the company. Security Researcher Pierre Kim had a large number of vulnerabilities in the Toto Link routers, which allow remote attackers the devices can take over completely.

Toto Link routers have in South Korea on the market for consumers and small businesses a 80% market share. In addition, the devices are sold worldwide. Kim decided not to inform the manufacturer about his findings and published his research last month on various mailing lists and its own weblog. In a reaction Zioncom says that reports on vulnerabilities is irresponsible and it is unverified information, making the company's reputation is at stake.

The manufacturer adds that the network does not compromise user privacy and security and to take legal action against media that spread false information and harming the reputation of the company and its products. Regarding the default password on the device, one of the problems discovered Kim, users are advised to change it. Also new firmware appeared to remedy the problems. Kim analyzed the firmware and suggests that the backdoor he discovered still present, just not being loaded at startup. In addition, the problem with some models would not be remedied.

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