Saturday, 22 August 2015

Mozilla's Chrome Extensions Support In Firefox

Mozilla has announced major changes to the operation of add-ons in Firefox, including the possibility of later extensions for Google Chrome and Opera and possibly Microsoft Edge will work in the browser. In addition, measures are being taken against spyware, adware and other malicious add-ons.

According to Mozilla developers have much of a Firefox add-on also similar extensions for Chrome, Safari, Opera or developed. "We want the development of add-ons is more like web development, that same code using a set of standards across multiple browsers running," said Mozilla's Kev Needham. That is why Mozilla is working on a new API called Firefox WebExtensions.

Extensions for Chrome, Opera and possibly in the future, Microsoft Edge will therefore run in Firefox as Webex Tension.According to Needham, the API a number of advantages, such as supporting multiple processes and reducing the risk of malicious add-ons and malware. WebExtensions will like other Firefox add-ons work with Mozilla are signed and via to find. A test version of WebExtensions is already available in the test version of Firefox 42.


To protect users from malicious add-ons from Firefox 42 will all extensions must be checked by Mozilla and signed. Unsigned extensions will not work in Firefox. From 41 unsigned Firefox extensions will be automatically disabled, but users still have the ability to turn back.

According to Needham, the strategy of Mozilla advantages and disadvantages. Developers who already support Chrome extension will benefit from it, because they now have only one code base support instead of two. For developers who develop only Firefox add-ons adjustment will be greater. "But we think that the end result for both users and developers of Firefox it will be worth it," said Needham.

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