Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Attack On Very Serious Android Leak Nearly Public

On a Chinese forum has published information about how a very serious flaw in Android can be used to attack millions of Android phones via only a single MMS message, although the vulnerability also through apps and websites exploit. Reported security Zimperium.

Zimperium discovered the vulnerability, which called Stage Fright got. Later it turned out that anti-virus company Trend Micro same vulnerability was independently discovered . According Zimperium the problem affects 950 million Android devices. It is estimated that in 50% of the sensitive devices the attack without any user interaction to perform. In other cases, opening an MMS sufficient.


The attack an attacker could execute arbitrary code with system privileges or media on the device. Thus, an attacker could take complete control of the camera and microphone, for example, to monitor users. On some handsets running the vulnerable software that is attacked via the MMS message with system privileges. In this case, an attacker elevated privileges and can do almost anything on the device that the user can. Zimperium argues that this is, however, "some" equipment. An attacker could execute arbitrary code on a device, even if the media rights, then may however try to increase his rights.

Originally publish at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas this week an exploit. Several organizations asked Zimperium to wait this. Something the company has agreed with it. The security updates for Android, however, are open source. Therefore, many researchers now work on an exploit to attack the vulnerability, reports the company. "We therefore believe that it is only a matter of time before we see attacks in the wild, assuming they do not already take place", said security researcher Zuk Avraham of Zimperium last Saturday knowing. This morning the company warned via Twitter that an exploit is now almost public.


The problem is that many Android users to update their phone company or the manufacturer of the device are dependent, instead of Google. Therefore it can take a long time updates ultimately be offered if the device is still supported. Several older Android models that are vulnerable and are no longer supported miss an important security measure. As a result, the impact on these devices is much greater.

It would total to about 60 million sets. According to Avraham, an attacker will create a network worm to send MMS messages.Together would the aircraft, after being infected, can send six billion MMS messages per day. Something that could have consequences for the network of telecom providers.


Users who want to protect themselves getting Zimperium the advice to keep the device up to date. In case the device is no longer supported, users on an operating system such as CyanogenMod switch that supports older devices longer. Another measure that can be taken is to disable automatic retrieval of MMS messages.

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