Sunday, 2 August 2015

Cisco Warns Of Emails With "Windows 10 Upgrade"

Cyber criminals have seized the launch of Windows 10 to distribute emails that attempt to infect surfers with ransomware. Before warns network giant Cisco . Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users can upgrade to the new Windows version.

And cyber criminals now play in. The emails have the subject line "10 Free Windows Update" and seem to come from The message that the recipient can upgrade to Windows 10. For this, the attached "installer" should be opened. In reality, the e-mail attachment "" a variant of the CTB Locker, a known form of ransomware that encrypts files on the computer for ransom.

Then users get 96 hours to pay the ransom in bitcoin, otherwise they lose their files. According to Cisco, the ransomware is now widely distributed. The networking giant also advises users to backup their files and keep these offline, so they can not be attacked by cyber criminals.


SHA256: ec33460954b211f3e65e0d8439b0401c33e104b44f09cae8d7127a2586e33df4 (zip)
aa763c87773c51b75a1e31b16b81dd0de4ff3b742cec79e63e924541ce6327dd (executable)

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