Saturday, 1 August 2015

Researcher: Most Mac Malware Is Hopelessly Behind

Most malware for Mac OS X is hopelessly behind compared to Windows malware, says researcher Patrick Wardle . "To draw a comparison, it is almost true Windows malware 10 to 15 years ago," so let him opposite Threat Post know. Most specimens Wardle encounter are individual files that are easy to find via the Activity Monitor.

The researcher is concerned about the Mac malware is unknown and unnoticed by the sluggishness of advanced testing tools. Where Windows has advanced and aggressive tools to detect malware, which are not for OS X, allowing sophisticated threats are missed possible. Therefore he will showcase at the upcoming Black Hat conference in Las Vegas how "elegant" Mac malware is making, which can evade anti-malware measures of OS X and third-party security tools.

So Wardle shows how Gatekeeper is remotely bypass to from unsigned code downloaded and run and how to get round all the popular virus scanners and firewalls are simple via malware. However, the investigator concludes with several free security tools that can detect or even prevent advanced Mac malware. "With these tools, we ensure that our computers are better protected against both current and future Mac malware."

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