Saturday, 28 February 2015

Aggressive Android Adware discovered on Google Play

Researchers from the Romanian antivirus company Bitdefender have on Google Play different Android apps discovered containing aggressive adware. Using apps after installation on the device a different name, which may make it more difficult for users to find and remove them.

Once active show the apps, such as "What is my IP?", All kinds of so-called warnings to install subscribing users on expensive telephone or make additional apps that contain more ads. One possible reason that the apps Google checkout managed to avoid is that the URL that sends users does not point to malicious APK files. The URL allows browsers to open a website that users from one ad to another forward.

For example, users in each search, clicked URL or open Facebook link to a special page redirected showing various location-specific ads. "Aggressive adware has in recent years developed further in-app ads and adware software development kits, to browser redirects and turning legitimate apps under similar names," said analyst Liviu Arsene. Some of the apps are as Bitdefender still be found on Google Play.


f2d57300d5f991dbc965ac092d5f4301 – com.alm.alm
c1d7afa5c4eb0b8e3c0292eadf98771e –
16967bea7d3dcb08c12220925ef6f030 –
cb9d3ff0eea162dd602eefe7b08ded49 – com.est.esteban
dbc99ba3241f943cc9e58870f0e40b34 – com.brer.brer
51bc232de9af3f34a58d824da86a70bc –
996c4a1525729466d87edf85cbbdf5de – com.who.myip.detect
6f37bd3c286440e37103ee8b67aca7d6 –
47b863625a8022399247fc92c4d5d178 – com.esc.escd
e1ccb51569635415e66af16cbdd94ddc – com.esc.escde

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