Monday, 23 February 2015

Shop Sees Increase In Adware Mac Users

A US store warns Mac users to download software only from the official supplier, after it saw an increase in clients who were infected with adware. According to Annie Hayes iCape Solutions is the number of Mac customers that come along because adware increasing.

"Although Macs are resistant to viruses, we have an increase of adware / malware seen as Genio and Install mac," says Hayes. This is because according to its Mac users software such as Adobe Flash Player for free outside the official Adobe website. Once active adware modifies the home page and search engines and injects ads. "In order to avoid this kind of programs you should only download programs from a reliable place. For example if you need the latest version of Flash, make sure that you are on the genuine Adobe website."

Another problem that the Mac store regular customers see return is MacKeeper. This is a program that claims to optimize Mac OS X systems and to protect the privacy of users. "I can give you a million reasons to avoid it, but I refer to this article on iMore , "Hayes says. "Ordinary users do not need anti-virus software or cleaner, and much of what is in circulation resembles MacKeeper, a program designed to let you pay for a service."

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