Thursday, 12 February 2015

VirusTotal: "Google Picks Up False Positives By Virus Scanners To"

Virus scanners consider wrongly clean files as infected, the so-called false positives are a big problem for both anti-virus companies, software developers and end users, but the online virus scanner Google wants to change this. A new project was launched called "trusted source", with major software developers such as Microsoft share their software catalog.

VirusTotal, an online virus scanner from Google, will mark these files then separately as a trusted source. If a virus they erroneously regarded as malware, VirusTotal warns on anti-virus company, so that false positives can be resolved. In addition, files are scattered among anti-virus vendors also get the trusted source listing, so as to ignore erroneous warnings, which should prevent a snowball effect of false detections.

Since the project began a week ago has VirusTotal collaborated with Microsoft and the results look promising. More than 6,000 false positives were eliminated because. The developers of VirusTotal hope to expand their collection of reliable software. Large software companies are therefore called to share this information. Well VirusTotal lets you know that the project is not open to "potentially unwanted applications" (PUPs) and adware developers.

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