Saturday, 28 February 2015

MEGA: PayPal Account Closed Due To Encryption

PayPal has the account of the online storage MEGA closed, according MEGA is due to the end-to-end encryption which it offers to users. That leaves the storage service of internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom in a blog posting know. MEGA states that it is aware of a report that the storage service as illegal cloud storage service was dismissed.

This US Senator Patrick Leahy Visa and Mastercard put under pressure not to accept payments for more MEGA. Then the credit card companies would have PayPal put under pressure not to process payments more for MEGA. MEGA showed opposite PayPal know that it is indeed a legitimate service and provided all kinds of statistics to prove this. Yet PayPal decided to discontinue the service towards MEGA.

MEGA would have made the payment service excuses and admitted that it was a legitimate service. One of the biggest stumbling blocks, however, the end-to-end encryption it offers, which is unknown what is offered via the cloud storage service. MEGA still pointed to the encryption models of other cloud storage services such as Apple, Dropbox and SpiderOak, but that would be no problem for the pay.

"I want to thank PayPal for supporting MEGA for such a long period. The pressure of Hollywood and the US government was just too big," said Kim Dotcom , founder of MEGA. Then he calls his followers to go use bitcoin now.

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