Monday, 23 February 2015

American Police Pay $ 600 To Ransomware

An American police has cybercriminals paid $ 600 after a police computer became infected with ransomware. "Not everything was encrypted at the police station, it was only for that specific computer and files," said Calvin Harden, an IT provider who works with the city.

Harden notes that the cybercriminals have not stolen the information, but only acted encryptions. According to the Chicago Tribune ran the computer infected by someone at the police opened an infected email attachment. All files were then encrypted and there appeared a message that an amount was to be paid in bitcoins to recover the files. The police eventually made ​​$ 606.

"Because the backups were also infected the decision was made ​​to pay the hacker and the files to recover," Harden furthermore states. It is not the first time that an American police station in the news because of ransomware. In 2013 it was a police station in the state of Massachusetts who proceeded to pay, followed by police stations in Dickson County and Durham who were the victims of ransomware.

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