Saturday, 14 February 2015

US Senator Concerned About Voice Recognition Smart TVs

US Senator Al Franken is concerned about voice recognition and call screening of smart TVs, which he both Samsung and LG has sent a letter to the manufacturers will be asked to further explain the operation of this feature and the use of data collected.

This week it was announced that Samsung televisions recorded words send it to a third party. In addition, consumers were warned that if they discuss confidential information, this data can be transmitted. "This relatively new technology has major implications for the privacy of people and I am concerned about the extent to which Samsung collects voice data SmartTV users and shares," said the senator's letter ( pdf ). He also worries that Samsung does not give customers the necessary information so that they understand how their voice data can be used by third parties.

A letter ( pdf ) with similar questions was sent to manufacturer LG. Senator wants to know how consumers can avoid voice and data viewing behavior are recorded and transmitted by the manufacturers. Samsung now has the operation of the voice recognition on their own blog clarified. So that the data is sent to Nuance Communications. Franks wants to know, however, whether there are other third parties that receive the data.

The American civil rights movement EFF warns of the privacy implications of smart TVs, which are present in the living room or bedroom and include cameras and microphones and have access to the viewing habits of users. This can provide very personal information. "If the software security researchers can not investigate on these devices and developers can not develop alternatives or adjustments, users are bound by the terms of the manufacturer and to trust that they are implemented as promised," the EFF.

The civil rights movement holds also that these smart TVs are often connected to the Internet and can be updated remotely.Therefore, the user's privacy is not just about delivering to the manufacturer, but to anyone who can access the television and can customize the software to gather additional information.

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