Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Dailymotion Denies Showing Infected Ads

The very popular video website Dailymotion states that it has shown no infectious ads that tried to infect visitors with malware, but one security expert says that this is not true and users are indeed attacked. On February 2, warned anti-virus company Trend Micro that on Dailymotion.com were infected ads appeared who attacked a new vulnerability in Adobe Flash Player.

At the time of the attack, there was no security available. Were therefore users of Internet Explorer and Firefox on Windows that had Flash Player installed the risk of becoming infected with malware. The observed attack only worked against these two browsers. Later confirmed also anti-virus company Malwarebytes that the infected ads on Dailymotion.com had seen.

Yet Dailymotion poses in a statement that users will not be attacked. All advertisements should be checked namely. JuK security expert criticizes the statement. "That's not right," as he lets on Twitter know. He points to an analysis of the Fiddler tool. This shows that there are infected ads are displayed on Dailymotion.

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