Monday, 16 February 2015

Opensource M0n0wall Firewall Stops After 12 Years

After exactly 12 years, there is an end to the m0n0wall project, an open source firewall and Wi-Fi router that on a bare version of FreeBSD, as well as a web server, PHP and some other tools is based. That's developer Manuel Kasper announced . M0n0wall could be installed on an old computer to serve as a firewall for a local network.

Software offers many features that are also present in commercial firewalls, such as Stateful packet filtering. M0n0wall can also be used for setting up a secure virtual private network (VPN) between two locations, but can also be used as a VPN gateway. According to Kasper opensource firewall has the latest developments can not keep up and there are now better solutions available that are actively maintained.

Therefore he decided to pull the plug on the project. The developer claims that his creation has served as inspiration for several well-known open source projects, such as pfSense, FreeNAS and AskoziaPBX. The newest member is " OPNsense"which continues the spirit of m0n0wall, but with technology that will be ready for the future, says Kasper.

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