Saturday, 28 February 2015

Mozilla Firefox Does Not Come With Its Own Phone Privacy

Mozilla will next week at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona launch not own privacy phone. Rumors about the phone after an article appeared in the Wall Street Journal , but according to Mozilla, it is a misconception. The journalist of the American newspaper was briefed on various privacy options that are present in Firefox OS.

These were options that part of the " Future of Mobile Privacy Project "and last year were unveiled at the Mobile World Congress. These options a user has more control over his privacy and data. It is, among other things, location tracking."Many apps such as weather apps do not need to know my exact location," said Claus Ulmer, head of data privacy at Deutsche Telekom, to the Wall Street Journal. "It is sufficient if the location is accurate to 20 kilometers."

Mozilla is working on the project privacy and developing new privacy options with Deutsche Telekom. A spokesman for the software developer, the journalist of the American newspaper this cooperation misunderstood and will therefore no new device will be launched. "The Future of Mobile Privacy Project is a collaborative effort and continuous Deutsche Telekom and Mozilla that was introduced a year ago," said the spokesman opposite TechCrunch .

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