Saturday, 28 February 2015

US Spy Chief Calls "Cyber Armageddon" Unlikely

Although some politicians, military officials , businesses and interest groups for years for a digital "Pearl Harbor" warn the risk of a catastrophic attack by one party at this time is unlikely. That left James Clapper, head of US intelligence, yesterday at a hearing before a committee of the US Senate to know.

"Instead of a" cyber Armageddon "scenario that the entire US infrastructure disrupted, we foresee something else," said Clapper. It is then to form a continuous series of small to moderate cyber attacks from various parties that an increasing burden on the competitiveness of the US economy and national security.

According Clapper Various studies indicate that a number of countries, including Iran and North Korea, from economic and political motives offensive cyber operations conducted against the US private sector. Furthermore Clapper also warned of the risk of compromised hardware and software that is sabotaged anywhere in the supply chain. Also, malicious insiders in the coming years pose a risk to IT systems.

In addition to Iran and North Korea Clapper also named Russia and China as countries engaged in offensive cyber operations and cyber espionage. Finally, the head of intelligence for terrorists who will use the Internet to carry out attacks. "Terrorist groups will continue to experiment with hacking, which can serve as the basis for the development of more advanced capabilities."

The statements of Clapper follow the revelations of the Equation Group . According to experts, one of the most advanced cyber-espionage operations ever that would be carried out by the NSA or the NSA affiliated group during a period of several years.

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