Sunday, 22 February 2015

Expert Wants End to Pre-Installed 'Crapware'

Computer manufacturers must stop before installing all kinds of software on new PCs, also known as 'crapware'. "Companies like Apple, who sell their products on their own merits, saddling their customers with this adware mess," said security analyst Ken Westin at Computerworld . Following the Super Fish-scandal in the Chinese computer manufacturer Lenovo.

Practice to install software in advance, as tryouts, and other programs for which the manufacturers get paid by the software developer, will place many years. In 2011, Microsoft even came with an initiative to rid computers of crapware. Computers with no trialware (tryouts) was present and there were no programs were loaded during startup called "Signature PCs". It was also for these PCs required to provide a clean desktop without gadgets, icons and unnecessary taskbar icons.

According Westin is important that consumers, manufacturers can trust. The analyst makes the blog know his employer Tripwire that mobile phone manufacturers and laptops itself a disservice by using this kind of dated ad strategies. Meanwhile, consider multiple virus Superfish as a Trojan horse. Six of the 57 scanners on VirusTotal store in detecting adware alarm.

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