Thursday, 12 February 2015

Researchers Bypass Windows Security With 1 Bit

A group of researchers has managed to overcome all sorts of important security controls in Windows by changing only one bit. The problem in Windows Kernel played until yesterday evening in all supported Windows versions, including the technical preview of Windows 10.

Microsoft has over the years provided the Windows kernel of all additional protective measures to make it more difficult for an attacker to present a possible leak actually exploit. This involves things like Kernel DEP KASLR, SMEP and NULL dereference Protection. The researchers discovered that the leak made it possible for an attacker who had access to the system to bypass all Windows Security.

The exploit that researchers enSilo developed requirement only adjusting one bit to abuse of the leak. The problem a few months ago was reported to Microsoft, which last night in the form of Security Bulletin MS15-010 came with an update.Through the leak, which in this film is demonstrated, an attacker could raise its rights on the system, according to the description of Microsoft.

The researchers say they have shown that even a small bug can give full control over Windows. "Nevertheless, we find that Microsoft's efforts to secure the operating system have raised the bar properly and making reliable exploits have made much more difficult than before." Yet they say that these measures will not keep attackers at bay and that will add this kind of exploits eventually to their arsenal.

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