Friday, 27 February 2015

Shodan Search Engine Will Find Thousands Of Hacked Websites

Many websites hacked and leave a message of the attacker behind often with "Hacked by" begins. The developer of the search engine Shodan is using this term were found thousands of websites have been hacked recently and were provided with the text "Hacked by."

Shodan is known as search engine that sorts of devices connected to the Internet, such as printers , routers, cameras and even complete industrial SCADA systems can be found. However, the search engine indexes also websites. The research that developer John Matherly conducted revealed that many of the hacked websites were hosted by one provider. A quarter of the "Hacked by" sites was in fact housed in the E commerce Corporation.

Almost all servers of this hosting company running on Apache and PHP, although not all have the same versions. Continue turning the most hacked websites not entirely surprised on port 80 (HTTP). Matherly also wanted to know what attackers had most websites and so could create a Top 10, where "GHoST61" 57 defacement's ends on the first place. The investigation of the Shodan developer late unfortunately not see how the sites were compromised.

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