Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Microsoft Will Scan Windows Computers On Sony Malware

The Windows built-in virus removal tool MSRT yesterday evening an update feature, making hundreds of millions of Windows computers again for the presence of malware have been checked. The update for the Malicious Software Removal Tool ensures that the scanner also detects the malware used by Sony, as well as malware that credit card data from Windows Cash stolen.

Sony, Microsoft does not mention by name, but mentions in the virus definition of " NukeSped "as the malware is called a link to an article from Reuters. Since Sony has been called by name. Also, the image showing the malware match the image that appeared on the infected computers from Sony, as well as the file names used. "The wiper-malware" erased all kinds of files on computers and servers of Sony, which remained unusable.

NukeSped however is installed on your computer by other malware, called ESCAD . This malware can act as a proxy server, send files to a remote IP address, firewall settings and IP settings, system data gathering and place files on the infected system. The MSRT is an "on-demand" scanner and scans the computer only if the user gives the command for that, or for example during the monthly Patch Tuesday.

The real-time security software from Microsoft, such as Security Essentials, recognized both as ESCAD NukeSped earlier.One day 400 computers were found in December that were infected with ESCAD. This mainly involves computers in the United States and Taiwan.

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