Wednesday, 25 February 2015

NSA Director Wants Access To Encrypted Data

The NSA wants technology give the secret service access to the encrypted data and communications from customers, but NSA director Mike Rogers does not speak of a "backdoor". According to Rogers, in the fight against terrorism necessary to decrypt encrypted devices.

"The discussion I have seen is mostly about all or nothing, or full encryption or no encryption", as the NSA director said yesterday during a cybersecurity forum in Washington. According to Rogers, it is feasible to establish a legal framework so that there can still gain access to encrypted data. He pointed to the fight against child pornography where technology companies with public authorities and hopes to achieve a similar cooperation in the field of encryption, reports AFP .

Alex Stamos, Chief Security Information Officer Yahoo asked Rogers if he wants technology backdoors add to their products and services. "Backdoor is not the context that I would use. If I use the term" backdoor "Sure, I think it is suspicious. Why would you want through the back door? It would be correct public should be," gave the NSA director reply . "We can develop a legal framework to do this. It's not something that we necessarily have to hide."

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