Saturday, 7 February 2015

GnuPG Developer Receives 130,000 Euros After Cry

The developer of the Gnu Privacy Guard (GnuPG), very popular software for encrypting e-mail, has received 130,000 euros in donations after a cry that he would go bankrupt. Werner Koch GnuPG developed in 1997. It is a free implementation of the OpenPGP standard that is used for encryption of the data and communication. Since launching Koch maintains software.

Yesterday appeared in ProPublica an interview with the 53-year-old German, who argued that his money was slowly running out. "It was in early 2013 that I realized I had to take a normal job," Koch said earlier already know. When the revelations of whistleblower Edward Snowden appeared in his own words, he realized that it was not the right time to stop.

Despite all the attention for encryption and secure e-mail traffic Koch was struggling to find enough money. Among others to realize his dream, hiring a full-time programmer. The German would have about $ 25,000 earned annually since 2001. Much less than he could earn in a company.

So he decided after the revelations Snowden start a fundraiser, where T-shirts and stickers could be purchased. It eventually yielded 18,000 euros. The campaign gave Koch, who is married and has a daughter of 8, some space. When asked what would happen if this amount was the programmer said that he would rather not think about it. "I am happy that for the next three months, money is," he says.

After the article appeared in ProPublica told the GnuPG developer that last week he had received a one-time scholarship of $ 60,000 from the Linux Foundation's Core Infrastructure Initiative. However, he could announce until after publication of the article the donation. In addition, the article missed its effect is not. In 2011, the German programmer 21 donations with a net worth of 465 euros.

A year later, there were 53 and went to nearly 5,000. In 2013, he received more donations, namely 148, but the donations were lower which he played at Euro 4145. In 2014, the situation improved with 801 donations, with a gross value of 35,000 euros. This year, Koch after the article all 3849 donations worth some 130,000 euros received.

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