Thursday, 19 February 2015

Disabled Device Malware: "Android Malware Disables Smartphones Called Off"

Researchers at anti-virus company AVG discovered malware for Android that allows users to believe that the device is turned off, while this is not the case. The "disabled" device malware can then make calls, take pictures and perform other tasks.

Recording A Call
How the malware from spreading and where it was found just let AVG not know. However, the virus fighter says that the malware after installation will require root privileges. Then, different processes and injected hijacked objects. When users want to disable their smartphone hereinafter there appears a hoax which offers the possibility to turn off also the device.

Transmitting A Private Message
Users who see the unit off now get the real closing animation and the screen is black. However, the phone is still on. This is possible because a function that the phone actually turns off because the infection can never be invoked. Users who also want to be sure that get off their device AVG advised to remove the battery.

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