Friday, 27 February 2015

Facebook 1.3 Million Paid Researchers For Bug Reports

Facebook last year, $ 1.3 million paid for bug reports were submitted by researchers. Since the "bug bounty" program began in 2011 is more than $ 3 million disbursed. In 2014, Facebook received 17,000 bug reports, an increase of 16% compared to 2013.

Eventually, 321 researchers rewarded for their entries, which equates to an average reward of 1788 dollars per bugmelding.The five most active researchers earned last year together $ 256,000. Furthermore, according to figures from Facebook that most bugs last year were sent by Indian researchers, namely 196. Average yielded investigators USD 1,343 per bugmelding on.

The number of bug reports from Great Britain is 28 much lower, but average paid Facebook British researchers dollar 2,768 per bugmelding. A total of researchers from 65 countries paid by the social networking site. For this year expects Facebook again the necessary bug reports. Since the new year were already more than 100 valid reports are received.

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