Thursday, 26 February 2015

Domain Hijacked Through DNS Adjustment

Attackers there yesterday managed to hijack the DNS of the domain name to suit . Earlier this week, the attackers used the same technique in the Vietnamese Google website. In both cases Lizard Squad behind the DNS changes, as reported OpenDNS.

The Domain Name System (DNS) is similar to the directory and translates among other domain names into IP addresses. The DNS servers and change the attackers could then specify the IP addresses where the domain was pointing to. The IP address of the mail server could be modified so that emails for found themselves at the attackers. In the case of be the site for a Dutch IP address. Meanwhile, both websites are accessible again and the DNS changes undone.

On Twitter was the Malaysian Registrar WebNIC where both domain names are registered, then with the DNS adjustments in connection brought . IT journalist Brian Krebs reports that via a command injection vulnerability has been hacked, leaving a rootkit could be uploaded. This rootkit would already have been removed. The website of WebNIC is still unreachable.

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