Saturday, 14 February 2015

Jeb Bush Puts Email Archive Including Viruses Online

The possible Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush, also son of George HW Bush, was in the news this week because he an archive with more than 330,000 emails from his time as governor of the state of Florida put online. Not only the emails proved the social security numbers and other identifying information of some 12,000 people to contain, also all kinds of email viruses were found in the archive.

In addition to a web interface to read the emails Bush also offered the unedited Microsoft Outlook files. Containing all the infected e-mail attachments were discovered. As proved several emails from the 2001 database file "Happy99.exe" contain, this was a worm for Windows 95, 98 and NT systems, also known as "Ska", which first appeared in 1999, as reports IT World.

In addition, a Visual Basic worm called "JS / Poop" and found the highly contagious email worms "Sircam" and "Badtrans".Both worms knew in 2001 a large number of computers to infect via email. Meanwhile, the Outlook files are removed as well as the personal information of people who emailed with Bush. Whether Bush at the time also was infected by the malware is unknown.

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