Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Google Warns Of Sites With Unwanted Software

Google warned users of the search engine and Chrome all if they want to download malware or visit websites that attempt to install malware, but now the browser and search engine also show a warning when users arrive at websites that offer unwanted software.

This involves software that affects the Internet, for example, by adjusting the start or showing additional ads on websites. In the case of Chrome displays a prominent warning that explains the underlying website better can not be visited. To prevent Internet users through the search engine on these sites let reach Google Search now see signs that warn of this kind of misleading websites.

Finally, Google also has begun to turn off ads that lead to this kind of unwanted software. "We are constantly working to protect people on the Internet," says Google software engineer Lucas Ballard. Webmasters are advised to log on their website for the Google Webmaster Tools. This way Google can alert the webmaster if there are issues found on the website that people lead to unwanted software.

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