Saturday, 21 February 2015

Superfish-Adware Is Lenovo Customers Cost

The Super Fish-adware that Lenovo laptops installed and making SSL connections risk reminiscent of the Sony rootkit scandal a few years ago and the computer manufacturer will ultimately cost customers.That says Adam Winn software company OPSWAT.

"Although the intentions may not be malicious, the implementation is certainly is. Superfish is more than just adware, it's a man-in-the-middle attack that occurs as adware. In an era of continuous security-related news it is shocking that Lenovo software installs the SSL chain breaks on in such a fundamental way. " Winn sees similarities with the Sony rootkit scandal in 2005, only this time the consequences are much greater.

"It touches both privacy as the fundamental trust that consumers have SSL-protected Web sites." He also predicts that this action Lenovo customers will cost. "Lenovo has a loyal following among IT professionals, as evidenced by the present Thinkpads anywhere within companies. There is no doubt that this incident will have a severe drain on the balance of Lenovo. No system tolerates a Man-in the-middle attack on proprietary or BYOD devices. "

The American civil rights movement EFF calls it an amateurish design choice of Superfish to inject ads through a self-signed certificate. "Lenovo's decision to provide this software was incredibly irresponsible and a great abuse of the trust that they received from customers." Lenovo late by Bloomberg know it was a mistake to install the software standard on laptops and that the only purpose was to improve the customer experience.

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