Thursday, 26 February 2015

FBI Put $ 3 Million Head Of Cybercriminal

The FBI has offered a reward of $ 3 million put at the head of an unknown Russian cybercriminal who is considered the mastermind behind the Crypto Locker ransomware and the Game Over Zeus botnet. Last year there was a large-scale international operation against the botnet and ransomware place where the Russian was indicted by the US authorities.

Game Over Zeus malware that the man would have developed is a Trojan horse that is based on the infamous Zeus Trojan and was mainly used to steal data for online banking and other services. The malware that infected hundreds of thousands of computers over the years, would have caused more than $ 100 million in damage.

Game Over Zeus botnet was next to steal credentials used for spreading the Crypto Locker ransomware. This ransomware encrypted files on computers and gave users not access it if they ransom paid, which could amount to hundreds of dollars.Estimated Crypto Locker would have until April 2014 hostage together 234,000 computers. The FBI estimates that in the first two months that Crypto Locker active victims were paid a total of $ 24 million.

Nine months later, the Russian cyber criminals still on the run. According to the FBI maintains the man in Russia, but it may be that he travels abroad. To convict him is now $ 3 million awarded for the golden tip that leads to an arrest and / or conviction.

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