Sunday, 8 February 2015

Renewed Ransomware Shows KLPD Warning

The makers of the Reveton ransomware-have after two years provide their creation of a new design, but at the latest "make over" Dutch users still get a warning that supposedly of the National Police Agency (KLPD) is derived. The KLPD However since January 1, 2013 passed in the National Police. According to the warning, the user has been guilty of storing and distributing child pornography.

Because of this crime is the computer locked and requires an amount of 100 euros paid to regain access, the report said.These so-called fine can be paid via Ukash and PaySafeCard. The ransomware also gives instructions where these vouchers to purchase. The police started in 2013 a campaign to warn shopkeepers as people came to buy this kind of vouchers.

According to researcher JuK of the blog Malware Do not Need Coffee spreads the ransomware via ads on porn sites that use a recent vulnerability in Adobe Flash Player. This vulnerability was on January 24 via an emergency patch Adobe poem. Due to the use of police logos and names Reveton is also called the "police virus."

Unlike crypto ransomware as CryptoWall and Crypto Locker users files are not encrypted by Reveton. The impact is therefore smaller for victims, partly because there are all kinds of tools and manuals are available online to remove Reveton similar ransomware. The past year also saw a particular rise in ransomware crypto while Reveton just came less in the news.

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