Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Google Expands Chrome Hacking Contest Day

Every year Google organized during a security conference in Canada, a one-day competition in which hackers and researchers were rewarded for demonstrating vulnerabilities in Google Chrome. The Internet giant has now decided to expand the competition. Instead of a one-day hacking contest, researchers can now throughout the year for millions of Pwnium competition qualify.

Last year there was 2.71828 million dollars prize money available for new vulnerabilities. That prize is "infinity". According to Tim Willis of the Google Chrome Security Team has the game for various reasons changed . So researchers had to be physically on site in Canada to demonstrate their vulnerabilities and exploits. In addition, researchers decided to collect their leak to the Pwnium contest. "This is a bad scenario for all parties," said Willis.

Google was told the leak because later allowing users were more risk. Also, other researchers not to Pwnium participated vulnerabilities can find and report. The contest now to let a whole year, researchers found last report bugs directly, which should prevent them from doing the same work. Besides Chrome Chrome OS is also eligible for the new rules, wherein the top beloning now $ 50,000.

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