Sunday, 22 February 2015

Researcher: "Gemalto was specifically targeted by GCHQ"

The chip maker based in the Netherlands Gemalto was indeed a specific target of the British secret service GCHQ, although Gemalto denies this in a press release. Yesterday The Intercept dropped on the basis of documents that the NSA and GCHQ in 2010 had broken at Gemalto .

In addition, the encryption keys were to secure mobile communications captured. In a press release states that Gemalto would appear from the publication that it was not necessarily the target. "It was an attempt to maximize net eject and as many mobile phones as possible to reach, with the aim to monitor the mobile communications without the consent of telecom providers and users."

Andrew Fishman, researcher and journalist at The Intercept let on Twitter know that Gemalto was indeed the target of the secret services. Codenamed "Dapino GAMMA" which appears in the documents of the GCHQ are namely GCHQ code name for Gemalto. In an operation of the British secret service, named HIGHLAND FLING, Gemalto is even named. This operation was intended to access the email accounts of Gemalto employees in France and Poland. Because of the revelations is the share of Gemalto on the AEX stock market currently more than 6% in the minus.

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