Thursday, 12 February 2015

OK Google: "Google Voice Search Listening With Users"

Not only smart TVs Samsung listen to users, including Google Voice Search does this and sends a portion of the recorded words to Google. Through Voice Search, an extension for Chrome that is still in the beta phase, users can give oral searches.

The extension only works on and requires users "OK Google" say after listening to the Google search. Sean Sullivan of the Finnish F-Secure discovered that Chrome users on overhearing until "OK Google" say. The user is the recorded sound of what then says to send Google and the words "a few seconds" before were said.

Sullivan calls this wording interesting, because it is not clear how many seconds it goes. "That's the problem with vote" activated "devices. They always listen and always take. The question is how much is uploaded to the voice recognition service?", decides the researcher.

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