Sunday, 8 February 2015

Contaminated Advertisements For Months On Popular Sites

A group of cyber criminals has been struggling for months with showing infected ads on popular websites including Photobucket, Huffington Post and several webmail providers. Once visitors of these websites get to see the ads, they can become infected with malware.

The group would include used a zero-day vulnerability in Adobe Flash Player to infect computers. Before warns security firm Invincea . The company has a list of domains and data put online showing that the group since October 17 last year, "malvertising" is in progress. Offered to the infected ads on the websites show is include in "real time" on the available ad space.

According Invincea would malicious ads on CBS Sports, Russia Today, , Jerusalem Post, , and have appeared. Furthermore, also webmail domains such , , and for the overview. In total there are 51 different domain names.

"It is important to mention that the sites where the infected ads appear not know that their sites are used for distributing malware and largely also can not do anything," said the security company.

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