Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Gemalto Denies Scale Theft Encryption Keys

SIM card manufacturer Gemalto denies that the American and British secret services widely encryption keys of SIM cards have been stolen. That leaves the Netherlands-based company after research know.Last week The Intercept came with the message that the US NSA and the British GCHQ in 2010 had obtained access to the network of Gemalto there and had the encryption keys sim captured.

According to the SIM card manufacturer is discovered in 2010 and 2011, two sophisticated attacks against the company that seem to correspond to the attack methods that are defined in the document of The Intercept. In 2010, the company discovered suspicious activity on one of the French sites where a "third party" the office trying to spy.

In July 2010 a second incident was discovered, which were sent phishing e-mails to a telecommunications company seemed from Gemalto and contained an infected attachment. Also, this time it happen several times tried to gain access to the computers of Gemalto staff. The company calls it "likely" that an operation has been carried by the NSA and GCHQ. This would, however, only the office have been compromised.

There has therefore been no large-scale theft of encryption keys. In addition, Gemalto says it had already rolled out a secure exchange system in 2010 for the exchange of these keys with telecom providers, which is the risk of theft would create exceptional. However if keys are captured, they would only intelligence second generation 2G networks can eavesdrop. 3G and 4G networks would not be vulnerable to such attacks.

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