Friday, 6 February 2015

Microsoft Will Pay Researchers $ 125,000 For IE Attack

Microsoft has three researchers from HP with $ 125,000 reward for demonstrating an attack on Internet Explorer with two security features of the browser were bypassed. The two functions are precisely designed to protect the memory against attacks and were last June and July through security updates to IE added.

Microsoft has a reward program whereby it rewards researchers for developing attacks. It's not about specific vulnerabilities here, but methods to circumvent security features and technologies. The researchers reported the problem more than 120 days ago by Microsoft, which eventually confirmed the effect of the attack. The software giant awarded the researchers $ 100,000 for their reporting, plus $ 25,000 for the proposed solution.

However, HP has a deadline of 120 days after it has informed the supplier, where the details of discovered vulnerabilities are published after this period. In this case, however, decided to reveal the details yet, as Microsoft has not solved the problem.The money the researchers received they gave to charity, as did HP today announced .

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