Wednesday, 18 February 2015

FSF: Apple's iOS Is Harmful To Free Society

Smartphones, tablets and smart watches at this time are a terror to the freedom of users, while Apple's iOS is the absolute pinnacle. Before warns John Sullivan, executive director of the Free Software Foundation (FSF). The FSF is a non-profit organization that aims to promote "free software". This is software that users can modify the code, sharing and dissemination.

This year the organization celebrates its 30th anniversary, with the necessary reach, Sullivan says. However, there are now several areas requiring attention. This refers in particular to mobile and wearables where users have less and less freedom."IOS is the epitome of everything that we need to avoid in order to have a free society: a single gatekeeper that states that it is illegal to software that is not authorized by him, to be installed on your phone", so let him opposite Opensource .com know.

Sullivan calls it fortunate that there are currently more Android users than iOS users. "But between hardware drivers and applications they use mostly proprietary software or make them connect to a service where they have no control over." The FSF director notes that future versions of Android anytime "proprietary" can be made. "And that's frightening." Sullivan also want users to mobile, embedded and wearable systems can continue to adjust freely.

The same should apply for eg laptop hardware. "Companies like Intel chips in their build machines that run proprietary software that provides remote access to the computer," the FSF director continues. He also calls for decentralized and encrypted alternatives to services like Facebook, Google and iCloud. "If the software you run on the machine of some company runs have not the ability to inspect or modify. Time after time, this leads to abuse, such as privacy violations by both governments and individuals."

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