Monday, 9 February 2015

EDRi Facebook Users Advises AdBlocker

European civil rights organization EDRi has advised Facebook users because of the new privacy policy on the social networking site to Adblock Plus or Ghostery use. These are two browser extensions that Internet users can protect themselves against online tracking.

The new privacy policy, Facebook users collect information from all over the internet and the website and exchanging information with other components such as Instagram. Facebook gives users should have the ability to stop the tracking, but the suggested method is as EDRi very cumbersome and also not the only way.

There is a much simpler option, according to the civil rights organization: installing Adblock Plus or Ghostery. Both plug-ins block not only trackers, but also advertisements. Some websites block therefore users Adblock Plus or give erroneous warnings . According to some experts can ad blocking major consequences have for websites.

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