Thursday, 19 February 2015

Victim Fanny-Espionage Worm Early In 2010 Already To Help

A victim of this week unveiled Fanny spy worm, which through two zero-day vulnerabilities in Windows spread that later were used by Stuxnet, early in 2010, all Internet users for help. However, they received no answer. That discovered Maarten van Dantzig Fox-IT.

A Malaysian forum posted a user with the alias "dkk" a call on July 13, 2010 how he could prevent his computer became infected with this virus. The user notes that he is infected via its USB stick, even though they are Autorun and Autoplay disabled. Much to the surprise of the user, different files found on the USB stick and the names also mentioned this, including Fanny.bmp. He also added a copy of the virus. However, there was no response.

Fanny.bmp is the same file that the report ( pdf ) from anti-virus firm Kaspersky Lab is known about the malware. The report also stated that Malaysia is among the countries where the worm is still active. Opposite Ars Technica confirms Kaspersky Lab that files who names the forum user match those of the Fanny worm. The worm was developed by a highly sophisticated espionage group and would have been deployed since 2008.

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