Wednesday, 18 February 2015

New oclHashCat Can Crack Protected PDF Documents

There is a new version of the popular password cracker oclHashcat appeared which now supports the cracking of password-protected PDF documents. Furthermore oclHashcat supports version 1:33 now 150 different algorithms, there is added a PBKDF2 kernel, the multithreaded loading glossaries supported and there are several other minor changes and fixes.

OclHashcat is a program that uses the processing power of the graphics card to crack password hashes. There is also a version called Hashcat that the power of the processor committed. From 1:33 Hashcat version two versions have appeared. A version optimized for video cards with an AMD chipset and a version intended for owners of Nvidia graphics card. Both Hashcat as oclHashcat used by security professionals, security researchers and penetration testers.

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