Sunday, 22 February 2015

Virustotal: "Easily Detect Malware With Free Microsoft Sysinternal Tool Process Explorer"

Microsoft has been offering the free program Process Explorer, but recently it cooperates with VirusTotal Google, allowing users to easily check their computer for malware. Process Explorer shows an overview of services, programs, and files that are running on the computer. Through the integration with VirusTotal hashes may be checked at VirusTotal.

VirusTotal is an online virus scanner that scans files by 57 virus scanners. By the online virus scan service via Process Explorer to call can be clearly or suspicious files on your computer are active. Microsoft security architect Roger Grimes late InfoWorld know how suspicious files then disable via Process Explorer. Then he removes the computer the file in question manually.

Grimes warns Windows users that deleting files is at your own risk. It can namely that a virus file wrongly regarded as malware or that the file in question is a driver or other important program component. Some malware can not be closed by Process Explorer. For this, use Grimes Autoruns , another free program from Microsoft, which prevents the infected file the next time Windows starts loading.

The security architect stressed that this detection is not perfect. Some malware to evade detection, although that is special, says Grimes. "In the future, do virus writers struggled to avoid Process Explorer and Autoruns, but this is currently not the case. This method is therefore one of the best protection methods that you can use."

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