Monday, 16 February 2015

Microsoft Provides Windows 10 FIDO Support

Windows 10 will support the specification of the Fast IDentity Online (FIDO) -Alliantie, allowing users soon also through other ways than can log in a password. The FIDO Alliance has set itself the goal to replace the password by authentication methods that are "safer, user-friendly". Microsoft's next include Google, Lenovo, MasterCard and PayPal one of the members.

The parties develop products and services that use the FIDO protocol. This would allow devices that support FIDO are automatically detected and gives users the ability to replace passwords with another authentication method. It may involve fingerprint scanners, biometric solutions as well as voice and facial recognition.

In the case of Windows 10, Microsoft will the FIDO 2.0 specification support, both password-less login as logging permits through a second factor (U2F). In the case of U2F the user uses a special device that is detected via the browser and can be used to log into websites. Websites can thus simplify the password, for example by requiring a four-digit PIN.

Windows 10 Technical Preview available already offers implementations of the FIDO 2.0 specification, so says Microsoft's Dustin Ingalls. This allows business users through their Windows computer and two-factor authentication without a password on services from Microsoft and partners login. Windows 10 also will also support Active Directory integration for local scenarios and Microsoft account integration for consumer services such as and OneDrive.

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