Saturday, 7 February 2015

Tails Will Remove Adblock Plus From Privacy OS

The privacy-oriented operating system Tails will remove the ad blocker Adblock Plus from the supplied Tor Browser. According to a message on the mailing list for Tails developers. Tails uses the Tor Browser to access the Internet through the Tor network. By default, while also installed Adblock Plus, which allows users to block ads.

However, the default Tor Browser containing the Tor Project is offered through the website no Adblock Plus, because this could be used as an argument to block Tor users on websites. Another reason for Adblock Plus to remove that Tails users who surf with Tor Browser will respond to other Tor Browser users seem, what the "finger print" of the Tails-users from going.

Users of Tor Browser can be fingerprinted using their operating systems and other tricks. At present Tails is used every day by 10,000 people, while Tor has about 2 million daily users. "Removing Adblock Tails to make more Tor Browser on Windows will improve things seem something in a particular area and other parts not again", states one of the developers. Meanwhile, remove Adblock Plus as a feature set for a future release.

Tails (The Amnesic Incognito Live System) is a complete operating system that can be used from a DVD or USB stick. It is based on Debian and contains various tools to access the Internet anonymously. For example, standard programs like Pidgin chat program, a virtual keyboard, the password manager and KeePassX GnuPG installed, completed with the necessary plug-ins and various encryption tools.

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