Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Exploit Kit Infects 1.3 Million Computers Through Advertisements

The past six weeks have been about 1.3 million Internet users become infected because they are contaminated classifieds websites visited and had not patched their software. That leaves security firm Trustwave know . The ads redirect users to a new version of the RIG 3.0 exploitkit. This exploitkit uses vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash Player and Windows to infect users with malware. Especially vulnerabilities in Flash Player resulted in a lot of infections.

It is in this case for known vulnerabilities for which updates are available. In total, users would through compromised 3.5 million times ads have been forwarded to the exploitkit, resulting to 1.25 million infections. That equates to an average of 27,000 infections each day and a success rate of 34%. In addition, only traffic from Internet Explorer users redirected to the exploitkit.

Traffic originating from other operating systems and browsers is filtered by the cyber criminals. Once infected computers are then equipped with additional malware such as spambots and ransomware. To protect themselves against this type of attack Trustwave recommends users update their software, and specifically their browser and plug-ins. In addition, the use of click-to-play recommended browsers.

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